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Asking for Directions

"Direction" thanks to = lawrence =

Typically men don’t ask for directions. They’d much rather work it out for themselves. There’s always that sense that their destination will just be around the next corner, or the belief that you know exactly where you went wrong and how you will correct it.

It’s great when you do finally find your way and have a self satisfied feeling that you did it all on your own, even if it did take you three times as long.

Now for your challenge!

Ask someone for directions, even if you already know the way. Why?! I hear you cry. Well this is a great way to practise ice breaking with someone.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get during my group sessions is about small talk. Everyone seems to hate its futility and yet somehow seem to recognise its importance too. Indeed, starting with something light and easy to digest isn’t just a good idea when you are recuperating but it’s a great piece of advise for becoming skilled at the art of starting a conversation.

By starting small you can easily judge someones response and decide where to go from there. So, why ask for directions? It’s really just for practise, and that all! Just by stopping someone in the street and asking them if they know where the nearest ATM is, a local Hotel or a Bar helps you take that first step without too much trouble.

That first step is getting someone’s attention. A lot of people find it hard just to engage random strangers so by having a purpose to interact it makes it a lot easier. I’ll go into “purpose” verses “agenda” in the next blog post.

But for now, enjoy finding the way! You never know where it will lead


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